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Choose a vehicle

Make your pick-up from our car fleet, where we have huge sets of car’s adapted for your needs, travels and preferences.

Select location and date

Choose your best location and date to pick-up your car, after that let us to take you on a journey full of convenience, flexibility and unforgettable experiences.

Make your booking

Complete your reservation so easy, unlock a world of possibilities and embark on your next adventure with confidence

Enjoy and relax

Hassle-free comfort as we take care of every detail, allowing you to relax and embrace the comfort of your journey.

Some of the most preferred cars

Citroen C1
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Citroen C3
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VW Golf 7 Wagon
Station Wagon
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Make your booking by phone

One of our operators will guide and assist you.

Why choose us?

We are one of the best in the business

Liability insurance to improve your security

Travel with peace of mind with us. We offer liability insurance on all our vehicles and safety options such as a child seat to accommodate your whole family.

Unlimited mileage on all vehicles

Enjoy your trip without thinking about how many kilometers you can travel because you have unlimited mileage to have a satisfying experience.

Pick up your car at the location you want

Select the desired location in the search form. If you cannot find the location you want, please contact us for a custom price.

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We are JET- Rent a Car - one of most successful car rental company in Bulgaria.

Every year our offices are visited by thousands of customers who want to get rent a car!

“JET rent a car” is a company offering car rental and transfers on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. We have a lot of experience in working with clients, and our main goal is to offer quality services.

We have a fleet of more than 250 cars. The company also has business and luxury class cars that are available for rent at any time. Our team consists of young and ambitious employees who are competent and responsible in their duties.

Our company is respected by our partners who are part of the tourism business in Plovdiv and the region. Some of them are travel agencies, real estate companies, as well as very large companies and sports clubs. For the twenty-seven years that JET-Rent-a-Car has been operating on the car rental market in Plovdiv and the country, the company has proven itself as a reliable partner to many private and corporate customers who need car rental. Building correct relations with them is one of the main reasons that contributed to the company’s success.

Depending on your requirements, we can offer you both a one-off service and a long-term solution for renting a car, suv or van . Diversity is important to us. Our team of professionals can always provide you with the right car and service to suit your personal needs and preferences.

You will feel much more comfortable if you book a car rental from Sofia Airport, Plovdiv Airport in advance for the period of your stay in Bulgaria. This gives you the right to many opportunities, both to enjoy the city of Plovdiv and the surrounding destinations. Not far from Plovdiv airport are the large ski resorts of Pamporovo, Borovets and Bansko. The distance to the capital Sofia is about one hundred and thirty kilometers. If you rent a car from Plovdiv Airport, you will have no difficulty getting to any city in Bulgaria.
Plovdiv Airport serves its guests at the highest level. Bulgaria has always been known for its hospitality. You can feel it as soon as you step off the plane. There are cafes at the airport where you can relax after a long flight. A wide range of means of transport is available for tourists.

If you decide to have a good vacation, the most profitable and convenient choice will be car rental Plovdiv airport. This type of transport will be especially convenient if you are planning your family vacation in Bulgaria and in particular the surroundings of the city of Plovdiv. From Plovdiv airport you can go to any city you wish and you will not regret it, and if you choose Plovdiv for your rest.

Our company offers its customers car rental in Plovdiv, Plovdiv Airport, Plovdiv region as well as in many other destinations.

Rent a car Plovdiv Airport Vivorent

Rent a car from JET - Rent a Car

Little details make a difference between companies

Clear conditions without surprises

Clear conditions for renting a car, no hidden tricks! No fine print texts. Fast and correct service. You can look at our terms and conditions for renting cars in Bulgaria in advance and familiarize yourself with them.

Road Safety Guarantee

All cars pass regular technical inspection. They are only serviced at our licensed garage and come fully equipped according to the season.

Best prices in Plovdiv

We offer the best prices for car rental in Plovdiv. You can also take advantage of big discounts for long-term rentals. Liability, annual inspection and vignette are included in every booking.

Look the opinion of our customers about us!

For us at JET – Rent a Car, it’s very important our customers to be satisfied from our services.

FAQ about car rental in Bulgaria

How much is the cheapest car rental in Bulgaria?

At the moment, the car with the lowest prices in Bulgaria is a day, if you are just looking for the cheapest offer. Of course, the cost of cheap car hire in Bulgaria will depend on your travel dates, your pick-up and drop-off location and the type of vehicle you need.

How to find the best car rental deal in Bulgaria?

JET Rent a Car is the ideal place to secure an excellent car rental deal in Bulgaria. Simply browse our pre-selected offers or enter your details to view more offers. We have vehicles for every budget and every route. Filter your search by pick-up location, travel dates and vehicle type to compare our offers and their prices

How many car rental companies are there in Bulgaria?

Plovdiv has great offers for renting cars in convenient locations. You can easily compare their prices, reviews and car types with ours easily and quickly.

Why should I rent a car in Plovdiv?

Hiring a car in Plovdiv is a hassle-free way to travel, whether you’re planning a trip or want to explore the local area. All you have to decide is whether you want an economy, standard, sports car, SUV, family van or something in between

Where can I rent a car in Plovdiv?

You may want to rent a car at the airport, in the city center or close to where you are staying in Plovdiv. For fantastic deals on a wide range of vehicles, use the JET Rent a Car search engine to enter your travel dates and specific pick-up and drop-off locations to suit your trip. Then use the filter to customize your search for a list of great options

What types of vehicles can I rent in Plovdiv from JET Rent a Car

Many cars are available in Plovdiv. You may be able to secure a convertible, compact, sedan, pickup, or even an SUV. Either filter by type or search the entire range to find the best possible deal on your car rental in Plovdiv. Whether you are planning a vacation with the family or a solo business trip, you will find the right vehicle with us at JET Rent a Car

What is the policy for renting a car in Plovdiv for under 25 years old?

Each car rental in Plovdiv comes with its own policy and conditions for drivers. It is best to check the minimum age requirements with the rental provider before booking, as some providers may charge extra.

Can I get a long-term car rental in Plovdiv from JET Rent a Car?

To be able. Simply select your pick-up and return dates in the search box and we’ll find you amazing car rental deals with us. Our company offers exclusive and best prices and discounts for long-term rentals.

Does my rental car come with insurance when I book through JET Rent a Car?

It depends on the type of offer and the option you have chosen. To have all the information you need, check your deal details before you book

Can I cancel my JET Rent a Car rental car reservation online?

Yes. Just log in and click on Manage Booking to see cancellation options. JET Rent a Car has a number of options for canceling your already paid reservation, the only condition being 72 hours before the rental date and time. We offer free cancellation on many car rental reservations

Why should I book a rental car from JET Rent a Car?

We research the market constantly and compare the prices of all major car rental companies, so you can rest assured that you will get the best offers in the Plovdiv region. Plus, you can get a special discount when you book a rental car with us more than three times. So if you are looking for amazing car rental deals in Plovdiv, book with JET Rent a Car

Cars and vans for rent in Bulgaria and top destinations

Whether you’re looking for cheap weekend cars or a way to drive around the Plovdiv region with safety and peace of mind, JET Rent a Car offers rental cars to suit your needs. Check out JET Rent a Car car rental options in the Plovdiv region today.

Don’t wait in line to rent an economy car, SUV or family van

We find pick-up options without any delay at counters or offices when you rent cars through our website. When you don’t have to fill in a lot of documents and you pick up keys, you don’t have to wait in line. Just go to your preferred car rental office in the Plovdiv area, get in the car and drive off.

Our company JET Rent a Car can also deliver an economy car, family van or SUV to a location or address of your choice in advance

JET Rent a Car offers its customers delivery of their reserved car to any place and location in Plovdiv and Plovdiv region, Pazardzhik, Velingrad, Hisarya, Karlovo, Asenovgrad, Pamporovo, Starosel, Parvomai, Chirpan, Smolyan and many others desired by you destinations.

How many kilometers do I drive per day with the rental car?

Check if your booking has free mileage or not. Free mileage means you can drive as much as you want with the rental car and you won’t pay extra depending on the kilometers you travel on your trip.

Check the fuel policy when renting and returning your rental car.

You can be calm, at JET Rent a Car the fuel monitoring policy is extremely correct and fair, that is, when you rent the car, the agent who hands it over to you takes a photo of the dashboard with all the indicators, and this photo is stored on our servers on the day when you return the car, the agent who receives the car will check the indicators to see if they are the same. If you rent a car with a full tank, it must also be returned with a full tank, and if it is about a third full, you must return it with a third, that is, the same amount.

Can an additional driver be added?

If you have plans for someone else to share the wheel with you, they must be added to the car rental agreement as an additional driver and meet the same documentation and minimum age requirements as the primary driver or renter. You do not have the right to hand over the management of your rented car to anyone who is not included in the car rental contract.

Optional elements, but for your convenience we offer additional extras

It is possible to add optional items to your reservation, such as GPS, WI-FI, child car seat or booster seat. Take advantage of these items so you don’t have to worry about it later!

Do I have to leave a security deposit?

To collect the car, you must leave a security deposit, also called a reauthorization. The amount is “blocked” on the renter’s credit card and is “unlocked” after returning the car under the same conditions. The deposit will not be withdrawn from your bank account, it will only be blocked.

Can I leave the borders of the Republic of Bulgaria and which country can I visit with the car I rented?

You may leave the borders of the Republic of Bulgaria only and only when consent has been obtained from the lessor when renting the car and the necessary documents have been prepared and the fees for this have been paid. You can take advantage to travel to Greece, North Macedonia, Serbia, Romania, for all others you can send an inquiry.

What vehicle insurances are offered by JET Rent a Car

The insurances offered for rental cars are usually of several types and protect the vehicle against theft and damage in the event of a collision or accident.

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